Friday, 29 June 2012

Why Do You Write?

Why do you write?

I write for several reasons; for artistic self expression, to share some important social and/or political issue, because I feel compelled to put pen to paper, because not to write would mean I'd feel deprived on a spiritual, psychic and emotional level, because it's become part of who I am and because I feel a sense of freedom during and after the writing process.

I cannot imagine not writing. I cannot imagine keeping all those ideas, thoughts, and observations circling around in my head and not letting them reach the paper, so as to explore what they can be made into, how they may evolve.

How do I write?


I write in my journal, which is where I collect thoughts, opinions, ideas, poems, observations. Recently, I started an on-line private journal ( Journalling satisfies my need to write and as it isn't going to be viewed, I can feel more free with this kind of writing than any other. Sometimes its emotional stuff and can include responses to everyday life, but more recently I write when I'm inspired/motivated/effected in some way.

Creative flow is something I have to work hard on so as to not let my inner critic have its say. I try to write freely and spend less time on rewriting. I'm aiming for a natural rhythm and momentum. I try to connect with my writing everyday, even if it is a journal entry. 

Current work includes studying children's writing through an Academy of Children's Writing correspondence course; Assignment 7 (there are 10) is a tough one as I have the challenge of writing a synopsis for a non-fiction book along with a chapter by chapter outline and then the first 1000 words of the book.  

I'd really like to hear from fellow writers so please do let me know why you write!

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