Monday, 10 April 2017


Photo: Me and my son Andrew,  December 2014.

He's a no-nonsense, straight-talking kind of man
Strong on family values
And whenever he can
He'll talk with the width and depth
To home in on issues important to him.

He has a wild thorny side
Little things he observes that just ain't right
Can and sometimes do make him mad
Enough to retaliate
To take a stand.

He has a fun side too
A great sense of humour
Especially a joy to see
When he interacts with his daughter
Then his softer lighter side will be full of laughter.

10th poem for NaPoWriMo2017
(*Portrait poem)
ⓒ Nicole Moore

NaPoWriMo's 10th day prompt:
*Write a poem that is a portrait of someone important to you. It doesn't need to focus so much on what a person looks like,  as what they are.

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