Saturday, 28 July 2012

Writers' Groups

Whether you're an experienced writer or just starting out, a Writers' Group is a great way to support your writing journey, especially as writing is such a solitary exercise.

In March 2012, I set up a Writers' Group. There were four of us at the beginning, until a bit of networking and we are now five.  Our format has been tried and tested before and it works really well.  We meet fortnightly for two hours and each of us have a platform of  about 20 minutes to share where we are at with our writing.  This may include discussing works in progress, a poem or two written, or an extract from a short story.  There are no rules about the genre of writing.  It is a truly liberating experience to share your writing, and yes, it does sometimes feel a little vulnerable bearing your soul, although there is absolutely no pressure to do so.

What follows is constructive feedback, e.g. suggestions on how to move a story forward, on how to use different writing techniques, i.e. photo poems, clustering (brainstorming) to inspire and evoke ideas.  The greatest value is in airing work that may have been sitting for some time as a computer file or as a piece of writing in your journal.

Since the Writers' Group, I have set down some goals and completed quite a few assignments that I know I may not have even felt inspired enough to complete on my own.  Just saying out-loud what I'd like to get done before each session, is enough discipline for me to make sure I get the work done.  I have gained lots of support too as this group of like-minded individuals are a joy to link up with; I really look forward to each session.

If you're finding it a bit of a struggle writing on your own, I would strongly recommend either joining a Writers' Group or starting one up of your own.

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  1. I really enjoy being a member of a writer's group. Firstly it's a fun thing to do! Then of course it's a platform to share my work and gain insight into the work of others. I find it hugely motivating to be accountable to other likeminded people. Writing can be quite isolating so it's great to talk with people who understand and appreciate the art. I have learnt so much from the members of my group and have been greatly inspired by them. I would definitely recommend joining a writers group!

    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective Olivea - and yes it is a fun thing to do and of course at the same time a lovely way to feel inspired while our written works progress.