Wednesday, 24 April 2013

City Whispers

City Whispers

At this moment hundreds of travellers' feet hardly touch the ground
I know these faces, have dwelled in those places
I knew I had to visit the city
I had to taste and feel home

Even though open spaces attract me more – now
It's as if every so often
There's a need, a desire, call it a fix
To absorb the density, a familiar dynamic

And as I leave those wider landscapes
Quietly I observe sodden fields
As I sit in comfort on orange coloured train seats
The ticket collector is nowhere to be seen

I step into the familiar as I embark
The crowds haven't fully formed
So it's with ease that I don't have to wait
For a 73 bus and in 5 minutes I'm at the Angel

At this moment I recognise a collection of girls
From my old school; their uniform fails
To disguise their uniqueness and I'm
transported back to the sixties – to my love of Chapel Street's market stalls

I hardly bother with the market now,
Don't even take a look; there's no need
I'm drawn into NEXT and immediately hooked
I admire the fashion as it explodes colour and I'm warmed

I knew I had to be in the city today
To feel alive, to touch the energy once more and be seen
To linger in those places, see many diverse faces
And blend in again, to steal, to capture and then begin.

The spacious restaurant seating is selected
by the consumer in this half-full lunch time
And it is almost empty by the time I depart
Only to step opposite and discover a larger gathering

In the bar with its low almost dark shadow lighting
A variety of high and low seats
Here I feel right at home as there's room
For every kind of social experience

Women on their own watch plasma TV screens
Couples chit-chat, friends hang out,
Others are Wi-fi slaves to their laptops
A few are intensely holding on to and searching their mobile phones

There's a need to stay connected
By any means necessary
To this digital age, which
brings with it a new anxiety and individual responsibility

Glasses merge and chink, a sip of a drink
and chatter rises and dissipates
At this moment, there is a kind of new age dawning
And another day disappears with no warning.

(24th poem for NaPoWriMo)

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